Friday, April 5, 2013

"Judge me by my blog, do you?"

Would anyone who just reads my blog (pink, books, flowers) guess that I really like Star Wars? (of which there is nothing pink or flowery about, and not a single book in sight!) But I do!

A few weeks ago I got an itch to watch Stars Wars. So on a Thursday night, when my parents were going out on their Thursday night date and Elizabeth to her evening accounting class, I asked Rachel if she wanted to watch episode IV. Incredibly enough, the resident Avengers/Tron fan did not really want to! But that did not stop me from putting it on and watching it, and Rachel decided to stay and watch part of it while she had dinner, which turned into staying and watching the whole thing.

Of course watching episode IV made me want to watch episode V, and of course you can't watch episode V without watching episode VI. (Actually I did once watch episode V without finding time to ever watch episode VI, so poor Han Solo was left frozen in carbonite for a really long time.) Anyway, so the next time my parents went out Rachel and I watched episode V, and then just last night finished with episode VI. My, it was intense!

I've seen IV-VI several times (I like IV the best, naturally,) and episode I as many or more times. (Unlike most people, I saw that one first.) But I've never seen II and III, and neither has Rachel. So we've decided to keep going and watch I, II, and III. I have it all worked out so we should be able to finish all three before Mom and I leave for Hawaii.

Meanwhile, Rachel has been keeping an internet eye on Star Wars Legos (perhaps she will add some to her growing collection) and I have been driving her crazy with my frequent Yoda imitations. ("Annoy her, I do. Mmm?")

Also, remember her league of Avengers frogs?  They've just been joined by a young Jedi frog named Luke Flystalker. 

Picture courtesy of Rachel. I'm still just figuring cameras out.