Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Doctor's Back in Town!

Earlier this afternoon I went downstairs and was told that I had received two packages in the mail. "That's weird," I thought. "Who could be sending me a package?" I looked at the return address and it said "Amazon."

"But I didn't order anything," I stated, feeling nervous.

"I don't know, you spent a lot of time on the internet the other day," my Mom joked.

So I opened them:

   Guess what we're watching tonight!!

Elizabeth ordered the eighth season of Doctor Who, and the Christmas special, two days ago and put it in my name as a surprise. Boy, was I surprised! I haven't been this excited since I found out Pixar is making Toy Story 4.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Love Paris

Yesterday Mom asked me if I could do anything today what would it be. I thought about it and said, "I would probably go to Paris." Paris. Is it possible to love a place where you've never actually been? I also thought about what I want to be when I grow up: a traveling writer. Travel around the world and write stories about it. What could be better? Unfortunately until my Dad invents a Tardis or a Stargate, that would mean traveling by airplane, not my favorite activity. I wish I could travel by map, like the Muppets. I hear it's much faster than most forms of travel.

Someday I'll get to Paris, and England, and Italy. Until then I'll be satisfied with my books, movies, and Disney's Epcot.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Big Hero 6 Party!

Dinner consisted of a sushi dinner, courtesy of Briar Patch as our resident sushi maker has been busy being a super student. 

  Colorful candles! 

Six candles total, one representing each hero. 

High-five to anyone who can figure out which color goes with which character. 

Super-student sister did have time to whip up some cupcakes to represent Aunt Cass and her cafe. 

And they had to be pink. Honey-Lemon wouldn't have it any other way. (By the way, the cupcakes have red jam, pink whipped cream, and half a Maraschino cherry stacked one on top of the other.) 

More treats! 

It was even better the second time.