Thursday, May 30, 2013

"That was Magic."

Some days I just wish I were a different person, that I had a different personality or different talents. Writing or playing music when you are not enthusiastic can be so very difficult. I try to force myself and sometimes it's a disaster. Other times it rewards me and makes me feel lively again. Sometimes all it takes is to say, "You know what, I'm not going to play my harp today. I'll play another time when I really want to." Other times all I have to do is sit down before that angelic instrument and I'm at home.

There was something all wrong about yesterday. Perhaps it was the fact that my Dad was away on a Wednesday when he usually only goes away on Tuesdays. Maybe I'm still getting used to my sister living in the house next door. The house is different with her moved out. And maybe I was just having a bad day.

My harp needed to be played, I try not to go more than two days without playing it under any circumstances and I know I hadn't played it the day before, but I was uninspired. I told myself I would just play a few songs, no need for a concert. So I did.

A few days before I had pulled out some classical pieces that had not seen daylight for quite some time. My repertoire includes classical music, some Celtic, hymns, show tunes, and popular songs. (Show tunes and pop songs are my favorites.) Classical music has pretty much always been my least favorite category, even to the point of my detesting some of the pieces I had to learn in the days of lessons. But you can't eat chocolate croissants and strawberries all the time. Every now and then you need some wholesome wheat bread, cheese, and vegetables. Sometimes the pop songs are not enough for me, and I need the nourishment of old classical music.

As I played through a Sonatina by J.L. Dussek, Automn by Marcel Grandjany, and Etude de Concert by Marcel Tournier, I remembered how beautiful they were. The strings made a sound, light and tinkling, that could summon fairies. Again I wondered, as I have too many times, "Why don't I play these more often? They're beautiful."

When I strummed the final flourish of Etude de Concert, my Mom came into the room (turns out I had summoned a fairy!) and asked me what I had just played. When I told her, she said, "That was magical." I wholeheartedly agreed.

This is Victoria.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I've Moved to France!

 Without leaving my house at all! Our home has been undergoing some changes. My older sister and cousin are moving into the guest house nextdoor. Both my parents used to have offices there but have recently moved them back to our home base.

This lovely curtain, depicting a French cafe, used to hide the sliding mirror closet doors in my Mom's office, but since she doesn't need them now, and I just so happen to have closet doors identical to those in her previous office, they've been given to me. I think they add a lovely new touch to my room.

As of last night my room has undergone several small renovations. Aside from the curtains we moved some pictures,


 and with help from Elizabeth, I even redid the space on my dresser.

 It is now almost solely devoted to music (something I'm sure I can't live without) and is a lot less cluttery. I think it looks much better than before.

As to the rest of the house, Mom and I have been unpacking and moving the unbelievable collection of books we've accumilated, and Dad has been relocating a piece or two of artwork. (Mom collects books, Dad collects artwork.)

Mom's new tea library.

A lot of books stacked against an upstairs hallway wall. Soon we'll have bookshelves for them.

And Daddy's art gallery.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Too Lazy

 Lately I have been just too lazy to blog. Too many good books to read, games to play, movies to watch... same old same old.

I am also too lazy to post pictures of my recent trip to Hawaii, so you'll just have to take my word for it that it was wonderful. We stayed on the quiet North Shore of Oahu, in a welcoming condo not twenty feet away from a sandy beach and the pounding waves of the ocean. Yep, it was paradise. The week went far too quickly for all of us, with drives around the beautiful island, visits to Waikiki (and the worst traffic I have ever seen!), and walks on every beach we could find. I even swam in the ocean for the first time, in what turned out to be a very dangerous part of the ocean at that time of the afternoon. It was pretty choppy but I came out of it okay. And we saw at least six sea turtles in the water! One morning we saw one right on the beach outside our condo, just hanging out waiting for the tide to come in.

But our Aloha time on the island ran out! Or did it? Mom, Aunt Cindy and I packed plenty of Aloha in our suitcases in the form of Hawaiian dresses, jewelry, and flowers for our hair and vowed to bring the Aloha home. Hence my blog, along with the rest of my life, is on island time. Aloha!