Friday, July 25, 2014

A New Day

This has to have been the longest summer of my life. In fact I think this has been the longest year of my life (and it's not even August!) Everything has happened: life, death, weddings, funerals, work, play, happiness, sorrow; you name it, I'm sure it must have happened here.

But now it's all behind us. All the events laid out for this season have ended, all the major ones at least. Stretched out before me is a blank slate, a story not yet written.

College turned out to be less enjoyable (and useful) than I had anticipated. (Although I did get an A in the class.) So I'm taking this next semester off from school, at least class room school. I'll keep up with my homeschooling, reading, writing, and music. I may even try to get a job this fall.

And now that I'm out of school, the Harold B. Pricklepants society will begin meeting again. I have requested we read Gone With the Wind (one of my all-time favorite books) even if I have read all 700+ pages of it two or three times before!

Life will continue. Even if sometimes I wish it would slow down and give me a chance to catch my breath!