Friday, May 29, 2015

Hummingbird Rescue

A few weeks ago we were cleaning out and preparing our motor-home to sell. (After ten or so years, we decided camping, even in a luxurious RV, just wasn't for us.) Everyone has been looking forward to having it out of our care, unfortunately however that meant it had be parked out in the driveway right where Tiki Cove was supposed to be.

So one day Mom and Elizabeth were out walking in the garden when they heard two distinct "thuds" coming from the motor-home. They went over and found two hummingbirds lying on the ground beside it. The larger one had been chasing the little one, a tiny hatchling with speckles still on his chest, and they had crashed into the motor-home! The larger one, though stunned, managed to fly into a tree while he recuperated. The little one was too stunned to move. My poor Mom thought he had died. But he was okay. Elizabeth picked up the little guy in her hand and carried him the back deck where she fed him sugar water.

 And we named him Pip. 

See the little dots on his chest? He's just a baby. So cute! 

  Pip seemed in no hurry to leave.

But he eventually flew into a tree and rested a bit before taking off for good. I think I saw him again a few days later.